Hand reflexology technology (2): the C|Max AcuPalm!

The C|Max AcuPalm provides the user a 10 minute hand reflexology session; according the developer of the product the C|Max AcuPalm can give the user “daylong energy to meet the tasks”.

The C|Max AcuPalm addresses acupoints in the palm and fingers – which are assumed to be connected with the viscera, meridians, vital force of the human body. The C|Max AcuPalm device can help in balancing the ‘Ying and Yang’ (positive and negative energies of the body) through immediate meridian regulation.

Also, regular usage of the C|Max AcuPalm is said to energize the body organs- and systems, which should assist to avoid various health ailments.

The producer of the device claims that the C|Max AcuPalm can be used by anyone and everyone. But as a he hand reflexology massage device it may be especially usfull for housewives, children, office-goers, businessmen, office professionals, creative people, sportmen and all who are health enthusiasts. Regular usage is also recommended to IT professionals and people whose work is especially through fingers or hands. This automated hand reflexology machine proves to be a one-in-all solution!

The C|Max AcuPalm is also featured with this hand reflexology chart:

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