Hand reflexology technology (1): the Breo IPalm520 Hand Massager!

Technology has entered the field of hand reflexology. One of the latest innovaties is the Breo iPalm520 Hand Massager – which is part of the Breo massager product line.

The Breo iPalm520 Hand Massager is based on infrared heat compression technology and concerns the very first of its kind. The Breo iPalm520 massages the full hand bringing a meridian massage experience to the user.

Breo-USA reports for this product:

“The air pressure massage kneads and presses acupuncture points with gentle rhythm, and helps relieve tensed muscles on your hands and fingers. It is light and portable, essential in both workplace and home. Enjoy comfort and relaxation – anytime, anywhere.

The Breo iPalm520 Hand Massager is also featured with this hand reflexology chart:


Hand reflexology: introduction in a nutshell!

Hand reflexology is similar foot reflexology. Reflexologists believe there are pressure points in the hands, feet & ears that correspond with certain organs of the body. While foot reflexology is much more well-known (google trends foot reflexology is about 5x more popular), the benefits of hand reflexology are obvious: the hands are far more easy accessible for a massage!

Because the fundamentals in hand reflexology and foot reflexology are similar, one can find stricking parallels between hand charts & foot charts.

In this blog I will explore the fundamentals of hand reflexology & hand acupressure via various approaches, including a comparison of various hand reflexology charts. But interesting reports & products – such as the C|Max AcuPalm (see picture below) & the IP-520 Hand Reflexology Massager – will be introduced here as well.

And of course, the reflexology top storier will featured as well. More details about the fundamentals of hand reflexology is available at: Hand Reflexology Charts.

Enjoy the reading & your suggestions are welcome!